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Home to some of the UK’s leading dairy brands, including Cravendale, Anchor, Lurpak and Castello, Arla Foods UK Supplies a full range of fresh dairy products to the major retailers and food service customers

Not only is Arla’s the UK’s number one dairy company, by turnover and milk pool, it is the largest supplier of both butter and spread and chees in the country. Making 4,00 deliveries to stores and regional distribution centres each day, Arla has the UK dairy industry’s largest milk pool, comprising of 3,200 farmers, spread geographically throughout the country. Behind this leading business is a team of circa 4,000 colleagues cross the UK located at the company’s dairies, distribution centres and Head Office.

Lakethorne Group Services has worked in partnership with Arla Dairies Oakthorpe Site since March 2016, providing a 7 day week 52 weeks a year intensive clean to all administrative areas and staff facilities. In addition to the daily cleaning service we provide kitchen deep cleans, high level cleaning on a rotational basis to all production areas, window cleaning and high level cleans to outside cladding.


Regular daily sanitisation cleaning of the facilities was of critical importance to ensure low levels of bacteria, eradicate the risk of pest infestations, unpleasant odours and product contamination. This was not being managed effectively by the incumbent provider, which was a major concern, as regular audit which included the cleanliness of the site, were undertaken by the dairies major supermarket clients.

There was also a requirement for greater management support for the current cleaning team, to ensure correct cleaning procedures were being followed, deliver specific training for working within a food production environment, as well as providing suitable cover staff in times of absences and the ability to respond quickly and effectively to emergency requests and ad-hoc works required by the dairy.


Lakethorne undertook the process of re-training site staff, introducing new equipment specific job descriptions, work schedules and reviewing the whole site cleaning operation, to ensure that all areas were being covered adequately and that the high standards required, were being met. Our experience with working in the healthcare sector and the need for stringent hygiene protocols was invaluable in us understanding the sites requirements. All staff were trained in infection prevention, specific product use and the general operation and care of new innovative equipment.

From the start of the contract the operations management team were frequently on site working alongside the cleaning operatives, supporting and guiding them to improve moral and service delivery as well as reviewing the standards of cleanliness across the whole site operation.

We introduced regular meeting with the client, which was attended by their Facilities, Quality, H & Safety & Environmental Management staff and standardised monthly audits, with a view to identify areas where improvements could be made to the service model.

Mobile teams were deployed and dedicated to ensure periodic deep cleans were completed in the required timeframes, by specialist trained professionals.

Senior management understanding of the specialist requirements of food production hygiene standards, a pro-active approach and regular involvement in the contract were essential. The results achieved have been consistently high service levels, hygiene and contamination protocols are adhered to and the increase in the morale of the cleaning team.

Contract Highlights:

A cleaning service that meets the stringent Food Safety Standards – achieving high audit scores for hygiene

An effective periodic programme providing deep cleans to kitchen, high levels, windowsand outside cladding

Increase staff morale and competence through training and management support

Monthly audit carried out by Contract Management Team and increase in client satisfaction regarding cleaning standards


“Marciela was nominated this week as recognition for her continued efforts to improve the cleaning standards around site.The nomination stated that hygiene standards have vastly improved as a result and that Marciela is always busy working “non-stop” around the Oakthorpe site.”

Sanjay Senior, Arla Facilities Manager




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