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08-Jun-2017 The multi-site London Ambulance Service is a unique contract and has special requirements due to its 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. The LAS has 80+ sites, including two headquarters which house the 999 call centres. It was imperative for them to have a supplier who could deliver a consistently high quality cleaning and support service across this large portfolio.


The LAS was looking to partner a company that understood the requirements of working within an NHS Trust and had the ability to service over 80 locations across London with daily cleaning, deep cleaning, small maintenance works, window cleaning, high level garage cleaning, consumables supplies and washroom services. The supplier also needed to have a detailed understanding of the role of the Infection Prevention Team and work alongside them to ensure best practices were adhered to and improved upon where possible.


Lakethorne was ideally placed to deliver the LAS contractual requirements, being a London based company in the heart of the LAS locations with a workforce to match. Being a successful existing NHS supplier to many London NHS Trusts clearly demonstrated our understanding of the environment and requirements of the busy LAS stations.

We worked very closely with the LAS FM team to create bespoke service requirements for each individual station and introduced a strong management team dedicated to the LAS contract. The management team audits every site each month and reports back its findings and recommendations to the LAS FM team at monthly review meetings in the Waterloo HQ building.

We introduced a telephone time and attendance system to ensure staff members were at work when they were meant to be, as well as fulfilling their contractual hours.

Training was a key element of the success of the contract and all staff underwent Infection Prevention Training, on top of their normal induction training, to ensure cleaning practices comply with IP best practice.

Mobile teams were deployed and dedicated to ensure emergency works, periodic deep cleans and maintenance works were completed in the required timeframes, by competent, uniformed professionals.

The introduction of a bespoke client portal, which holds information on cleaning staff at the ambulance stations, planned periodical works, ad-hoc works, audit reports, remedial action plans, monthly review minutes, L8 compliance reports and much more, was a key area of development and investment to ensure that an up to date central location point for information was easily accessible by the LAS.

Senior management understanding, a pro-active approach and ongoing involvement in the contract ensured service levels, improvement ideas and good working relationships were always prioritised and delivered. Contract Highlights:

  • Monthly audits to all sites, carried out by the Contract Management Team
  • Ongoing senior management involvement
  • 100+ dedicated and trained staff working various shift patterns across London
  • Online portal created specifically for the contract to maintain transparency
  • Periodic deep cleans and continuous floor refurbishment
  • Mobile response team who deal with ad-hoc repairs and emergency cleans


“Lakethorne have been working with London Ambulance for a number of years, their work is consistently of a high standard. We work twenty four hours per day, seven days a week, at over 80 sites. So we need contractors who can carry out their works and do not interfere with our core business, Lakethorne have met our needs by providing a high standard of personnel with good ethics, commitment and reliability.

They deliver exceptional customer service and are flexible in proving additional specialist cleaning tasks, which are often scheduled in unsociable hours. They liaise with our station staff and get the job done to a good standard; complimentary emails are received every month. Lakethorne care about the customer and work hard to retain their business.”

Nikki Smith, Facilities Manager, London Ambulance Service.

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