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We know that your reputation could be affected by the contractors you choose; you need reassurance that our approach will reflect well on you. We comply with all legislation governing the work we do and fulfill all obligations to the people we employ. We know, also, that our performance – from the effectiveness of our contract cleaning staff to the seriousness with which our security guards take their jobs – can affect your reputation. We do all we can to deliver a top quality service within a legal and trustworthy framework.


Legal workers: We do all we can to ensure we only employ legal workers. All potential staff must provide us with proof of identity (passport or ID card), a visa, National Insurance number, an address and a recent bank statement (issued within the last three months). We run Home Office checks, using passport readers, and follow the latest Home Office guidance for other checks designed to identify scams. No-one is allocated to a job before all these checks have been done and we are satisfied they are legal workers. Everyone is employed on a PAYE contract.

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks: We run enhanced DBS checks on all staff whose work involves contact with children or vulnerable adults, such as in schools and healthcare organisations. We run the same check on all our operational managers and supervisors. No-one is allocated to a job which might involve contact with children or vulnerable adults before the enhanced with barred lists DBS check has been done; the full DBS check follows. If the client is content for them to start working before the full check is done, we can accommodate that. We run re-checks every three years on all staff who continue to work on contracts involving children or vulnerable adults.

Pay and benefits: We meet all our obligations for pay, benefits, equality, health and safety and welfare for our own staff and those transferring under TUPE. We pay no less than the National Minimum Wage and will try to exceed it, within the client's budget, knowing that offering better terms and conditions than our competitors attracts better workers. We recognise the growing support for the Living Wage; some of our clients already pay it and we can always include it in proposals so clients can see what impact it would have on their contract brief.

Training and development: Well-trained people perform best, as everyone knows. We invest heavily in training and supporting new staff and people transferring under TUPE, and commit substantial resources to continuing development. Contract cleaning staff are trained to use chemical products correctly (following COSSH guidelines), how to deal with accidents or incidents (RIDDOR and less serious incidents) and how to work safely in what is a very physical job. Security guards are BSIA accredited. All contract cleaning and security guarding staff are trained in lone and out of hours working procedures. We expect all staff to speak basic English at least; we offer them free English lessons. Managers and supervisors are fluent in English as well as their own first language (many are multilingual) so they can communicate easily and in detail with everyone in their teams and with clients.

Health and safety: Before starting a new contract we conduct a health check on the client's premises to ensure it is a safe place for our staff to work. Occasionally this audit reveals shortcomings that apply to the client's staff. We will advise you of what is needed and, if appropriate, help you to meet any obligations that have inadvertently been overlooked. The majority of our clients have their own accident reporting procedures so we follow their procedures as well as our own. We investigate all accidents or incidents (RIDDOR and less serious incidents). Our contract cleaning staff follow COSSH guidelines.

Performance management: With very large contracts we use the 'Time Barrel' system that logs staff time at work, so clients can be sure that staff work the hours expected and that they are billed accurately. Every month we ask all clients to complete client satisfaction cards; we swiftly rectify shortcomings. We run spot checks. And we are meticulous about maintaining equipment and investing in new, better equipment and products to enhance performance and efficiency.

Quality management: Managers and supervisors spend most of their time monitoring quality of service. They are in daily contact with clients ensuring special or last minute requests are fulfilled. They check staff have arrived for work as expected and manage gaps caused by holidays or emergencies. We learn from mishaps and close unforeseen loopholes.

Identified by uniform and name badges: All our staff wear distinctive Lakethorne uniforms with our logo clearly visible, so you and your staff know who they are. They also wear name badges to make communication easier.

Do contact us if you would like to discuss contract cleaning, security guarding or other facilities management support services essential to making your premises pleasant and safe places to work.

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